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1.     When Bushed Who Pushed?  Father Hess shares his testimony of how God called him out of the darkness into his marvelous light!  The true story of being a cradle catholic, to a college agnostic, and then being called to serve as a diocesian preist.  (2 CD Set)  $10

2.     Integrity Gotta Be.  Father’s closing homily for a Marian Congress of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia.  He speaks of integrity in the way one lives.

        For Your Heart’s Ease, Love Your Enemies. Father Hess shares on increasing your ability to love others.  (2 Talks on 1 CD)  $5

3.     Don’t Fuss, Trust. The importance of prayer and fasting.

        Your Faith will Rest on God’s Power Best. The importance of allowing the Holy Spirit to work in ministering to others.  (2 Talks on 1 CD)  $5  &  Don't Fuss, Trust on 1 DVD -- $8

4.     Go First Rate, The Narrow Gate.  Jesus needs to be Number One.

        Do Not Be Deterred, Get God’s Word Done and HeardFather Hess speaks on the importance of sharing God’s Word. (2 Talks on 1 CD)  $5

5.     With a Believer, One Finds God’s Sign.  Father Hess speaks on how best to pray for Healing.

        Techniques are Façade to Trust in God.  Do not put trust in techniques over trust in God! (2 Talks on 1 CD)  $5

6.     Healing Adds Birthdays, God’s Praise Adds Eternal Days.  Healing into eternal life.  Done at Franciscan University of Steubenville.

        No Matter How It’s Going, Keep on Sowing.  Witness to the Gospel.  Done at Franciscan University of Steubenville.
(2 Talks on 1 CD)  $5

7.     Believe, and Eternal Life Receive.  Relationship with Jesus will change your life. Done at Franciscan University of Steubenville.

        Fill Up on Jesus First, No Hunger or Thirst.  Outstanding witness and teaching on how to overcome the hunger and thirst of the         things of the world.  Done at Franciscan University of Steubenville. (2 Talks on 1 CD)  $5

“Living in the Spirit Series”  6 Dynamic Talks ‑ 4 CDs for $18 or 4 DVDs for $30.  Each letter (A-D) can also be ordered as stand alone - CD for $5 or as a DVD for $8

8.      A.  Like the Father and Son, Be One.
As a Church, we are called to oneness with God and each other.

        Healing’s a Start, but Only a Part.  God’s Business is Forgiveness.
        Becoming aware of our sinfulness and seeing and choosing Jesus as Savior.

        B.  Experience the Risen Christ, It Can’t Be Priced.
        The purpose of celebrating Easter is not just to remember that Jesus rose from the dead.  It is to experience the Resurrected Jesus.

        With the Holy Spirit, God Willed You Be Filled.
        The Apostles were filled with the Holy Spirit.  We also are supposed to be.  What’s that like?

        C.  With a Spirit Shower, Gifts Flower.
        Prayer gifts of the Holy Spirit.

        D.  For Perfect Oneness to Flow, in the Spirit Grow.
        For spiritual growth you need prayer, study, community, and action.

9.     For Ministry’s Zest and It’s Best, Refuel with Rest.  2 dangers:  (1) Activity so constant, no time for God; (2) Rest so much, no activity.

        If You Come to Jesus, Life’s Road Eases.  Father Hess teaches how coming to Jesus makes his yoke easy and light.
(2 Talks on 1 CD)  $5

10.  God-Esteem Is the Bloodstream for Self-Esteem.  Giving away esteem brings it back.  No matter what happens, give God esteem and figure out what He wants you to do.

        Put Jesus First – No Hunger or Thirst.  Do not labor for the satisfactions of this world, which perish.  Go for the satisfaction         which endures to eternal life. (2 Talks on 1 CD)  $5

11.  Give Him Five Loaves and Two Fish, He’ll Overfill Your Dish.  The Eucharist seems so small in the eyes of the world, but it is the Food that sustains us.

        Confession Is Forgiveness’ Gate, Don’t Wait.  Concrete forgiveness heals us!  Skip your excuses and go to confession.
(2 Talks on 1 CD)  $5

12.  I Got My Manna in Tobyhanna.  Jesus in the Spirit. Recognize family ties in the breaking of the bread. Fire up the frozen. Live as the chosen. (1 Long Talk on CD)  $5

13.  Out of the Darkness into the Light, Give Sight and Might to Live Right.  Dynamic 4-part witness at a retreat in Beaumont, TX.  (4 CD Set)  $20

14Have No Fear, The Messiah Is Here, Get into GearActually the 5th part of the Beaumont, TX retreat.  Answers the question:         “Where do we go from here?” 
(1 Long Talk on CD)  $5

15.  When Believers Are in Town, Healings Are Going Down.  How Fr. Hess got involved in the “Prayer for Healing” ministry.
(1 Long Talk on CD)  $5
16.  No Matter How You Are Feeling, Pray for Healing.  Believe in Jesus’ power to heal as much as you believe in the medical field.
(1 Long Talk on CD) $5 or 1 DVD for $8

17.  Quit the Loser Envy Pit.  Don’t be envious of sinners.  It’s only in our religious life that we are envious of losers.
(1 Long Talk on CD)  $5

18.  For Life Span, Use God’s Plan.  God has a plan for you here on earth.  Happiness and joy lie in obeying His plan for us. (1 Long Talk on CD)  $5

19.  The Resurrection Is True, He’ll Take Care of You. / Eternity Is Not Dim When You Give Your Life to Him.  Adam and Eve thought they knew better than God. Down through the ages, if you listen to Him, He will part the seas. Death is a mere transition when you live for the Lord.  (1 Long Talk on CD)  $5

 20.  Be Smart, Forgive from the Heart.  As we grow older we lose memory and get forgetful, except for the grudges.  How many            times must we forgive and let go of grudges?  Jesus says every time X every time.  (1 Long Talk on CD)  $5